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Zareus Brown Scale 15-20 MMHG Graduated Compression Socks for Men Women - Running, Pregnancy, Swollen, Sport, Plantar Fasciitis, Travel

$ 24.99 USD

  • ✮ 15 - 20 MMHG 200 Needle High End Graduated Compression Socks. Increase Circulation, Reduce leg Swelling, Pain, Fatigue
  • ✮ PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL GRADE GRADUATED COMPRESSION - Strongest compression at ankle, gradually decreases up leg
  • ✮ PROMOTING FASTER MUSCLE RECOVERY, REDUCED INJURIES - Better oxygen circulation helps reducing lactic acid build up. Increasing circulation for better performance, Recover faster post workout relief, Reducing swelling during travel
  • ✮ SOFT 200 NEEDLE FABRIC- Moisture Wicking to ensure more comfort for People on their feet all day, or sitting long hours. keeps you dry & comfortable even with longer use
  • ✮ SUPERIOR SUPPORT ALL DAY LONG- Adjusting Long Cuff Elastic Bands Fit Your Legs Without Slipping, Rolling Or Contricting; Pain Reducing Arch Supports; Soft Foot Padding To Absorb Impact And Promote Ventilation And Circulation; & A Seamless Toe Feature To Reduce Skin-On-Skin Friction And Prevent Blisters

Are your feet problems affecting the quality of your daily life?

Are you standing on your feet all day?

Are you looking for superior and effective feet Support?

Do you spend many hours on your legs every day, resulting in swollen ankles and heavy, tired legs?

Do you want to prevent blood clots from flying or being injured during inactivity?

Do you sit for hours - in the airplane or at the desk?

Your search for the BEST brand for compression stockings is over! Your companion for EVERYDAY, TRAVEL and SPORTS, ZAREUS compression socks have the best fit and comfort and can solve all these for you.


15-20 mmhg Medical Grade Compression

ZAREUS products have been developed with industry experts with years of experience to provide our customers with a qualified product offering.

Our compression socks offer a graduated compression of 15-20 mmhg. Graduated compression is like a funnel effect! It brings low-oxygen blood back to the heart and fills the legs with oxygen-rich blood. Often we forgot the amazing self-healing powers of our body. Compression therapy was first used in professional athletes. And the result was amazing.

The strong material keeps the calves in shape, so your legs look perfect in any situation. The graduated compression (15 to 20 mmHg) from the ankle (maximum) to the knee (minimum) activates tired and overburdened legs. The extra-fine material is specially developed to quickly and effectively remove sweat from the skin - preventing odors and possible skin irritation.

Gives the lower legs extra support and supports weak or damaged muscles. Slight compression improves leg circulation, maximizes endurance and relieves pain. The legs hurt less and recover faster from prolonged sitting, standing or running.

What Benefits Do Our Compression Socks Offer You:

Gradient Medical Grade Compression: Simply the proven method for relieving pain, reducing swelling, preventing varicose veins, increasing blood flow and circulation, and massaging the muscles. Advanced Arch Support System: Lifts the arches to lessen pain, improve balance, and reinforce the plantar fascia, which alleviates pain stemming from plantar fasciitis. Compression clothing is often used in the medical field. Because they have numerous health benefits and are used among other things in the following complaints:

(Travel) Thrombosis, tired and swollen legs, Knee Pain (Runner's Knee), ankle pain, edema

bruises, Patellaspitzensyndrom, meniscus damage, hematomas, swelling, Sprains (Distortions), blood clot, venous insufficiency, Varicose veins, Jodhpurs disease, arthrosis, Achilles tendon irritation, stretched ligaments, Heelwort (plantar fasciitis), Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), water retention, ankle inflammation

Who Is This Suitable For :


  • - Runners
  • - Basketball
  • - Joggers
  • - Athletes
  • - Field Sports
  • - Cross Training
  • - Gym Workouts
  • - Hiking/ Trekking
  • - Office workers
  • - Diabetic
  • - Jet-setter / long distance travel
  • - Nurses/ Workers on feet for long hours, sitting/standing for extended periods of time wear them during your regular activity, or when you're sleeping - anytime!

True graduated compression is a funneling like effect. It moves de-oxygenated blood from the lower legs back to the heart more quickly. It reduces the blood clot forming and boost better circulation!

Please refer to each product's size chart!