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Graduated Compression Knee Sleeves (20 - 30 mmhg)

$ 29.97 USD

Protects Patella Improve Circulation Fast Recovery Immobilize, Support knees in Running Yoga Pilate Basketball Weight lift sports

  • ✮ ANTI-CHAFING, ANTI-ORDOR, ANTI-ITCHING MATERIAL WITH 4-WAY STRECH TECHNOLOGY - Gives you all day comfort during your activities.
  • ✮ KNITTED IN MEDICAL COMPRESSION MACHINE FOR PERFECT SIZING AND 20-30 MMHG COMPRESSION: Provides for the full motion flexibility while compressing and supporting your knees. The light weight breathable sleeves gives you a comfortable snug fit that retains its shape after multiple wear and washes.It is designed to fit perfectly for both men and women.
  • ✮ 4-WAY STRETCH TECHNOLOGY, OPTIMAL SIZING AND WE GUARANTEE: Our sleeves are designed for a perfect fit for both men and women.


What Benefits Does Rikedom Sports Compression Knee Sleeves Offer You:

- Support full motion and flexibility
- Eliminate knee pain and swelling

- Boost speedy recovery
-Boost Circulation, improve the flow of oxygen
-optimal muscle support

- Providing sturdiness and stability to your knees

- Warm up your knees
- Protection of the Patella 

- Maintaining position on your legs without sliding down 

- Retaining shape after uses


What Activities are Our Compression Knee Sleeves Perfect For?

- Cross Training
- Gym Workouts
- Weightlifters
- Tennis
- Yoga
- Pilate
- Runners

- Basketball
- Cyclists

- Hiking/ Trekking

- Athletes

- Tough Mudders
- Martial Arts

- Field Sports

- Office workers

- Travelers on plane / long distance travel


Size Guide:

While sitting, please measure the circumference of your thigh 4" or 10cm above the top of your knee patella. Small / Medium 15.5" - 20.5" Large / Xlarge 20.5"- 24"

True graduated compression is a funneling like effect. It moves de-oxygenated blood from the lower legs back to the heart more quickly. It reduces the blood clot forming and boost better circulation!

Please refer to each product's size chart!