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Plantar Fasciitis Ankle Foot Sleeves (20-30 mmhg) White Retro Stripes

$ 29.97 USD

Plantar Fasciitis? Heel Pain? Ankle Swelling? Ankle Spur? Edema? Achiles Tendon Pain? Stress Fracture?Our Comfortable Fitting and Breathable Moisture Wicking Foot Compression Sleeves Can Solve All These for you!

  • ✮ RELIEVE PLANTAR FASCIITIS - Engineered to relieve pain & discomfort of plantar fasciitis, achiles tendon, stress fracture, edema, heel spurs pain and swelling
  • ✮IMPROVE BLOOD CIRCULATION AND BOOSTS FASTER MUSCLE RECOVERY: Designed to boost oxygen circulation and helps reducing lactic acid build up so your muscle recovery times is greatly reduced.
  • ✮GRADUATED COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY- Graduated compression goes from 20 mmhg to 30 mmhg. It boosts blood circulation to increase muscle endurance.
  • ✮ANTI ODOR & ANTI STATIC LIGHT WEIGHT MATERIAL, PERFECT FOR DAILY WEAR - Designed for comfort and ultra-durability, our professionally designed material (Special Micro Nylon & Spandex blend) reduces muscle fatigue, foot pain and discomforts. Breathable, Moisture-Wicking fabric also deodorizes & keeps you dry & comfortable. Perfect for people who are on their feet for long periods of time, traveling, hiking, or wearing high heels.
  • ✮L-SHAPED SLEEVES, LONGER UPPER CUFF FOR SECURE PERFECT FIT AND OPTIMAL SIZING: L-Shaped design ensure the precise fit and correct compression position. We designed a longer upper cuff to ensure a secure fitting preventing it from sliding down the feet during your activities. Our specially designed foot sleeves are perfectly sized for men and women.
  • ✮IMPORTANT: MEASURE YOUR ARCH SIZE TO DETERMINE YOUR PROPER SLEEVE SIZE. SHOE SIZE IS ONLY FOR REFERENCE. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION IN SIZE CHART IN THE IMAGE AREA TO DETERMINE YOUR ARCH SIZE: After a few people made the wrong size choice, we want to emphasize the correct size determining method. The size chart is in the image area. click on the image and you will see it. DON'T measure by shoe size. Because if you have thicker and wider feet, then it will be too tight. Use measuring tape to wrap around the middle of your feet to decide the arch size. And you should have the correct compression.


What Benefits Does Our Graduated Compression Foot Sleeves Offer You

1) Our Foot Sleeves Deliver these benefits:

    - Relieve / Prevent plantar fasciitis/ achiles tendon/ metatarsal/ heel spur pain and ankle swelling 
    - Provide graduated targeted compression level, stabilize your feet with a secure fit 
    - Light Weight, Breathable, moisture wicking, Anti-itching, Anti bacterial, Anti-odor material 
    - Anti skin chafing or irritation 
    - Provide excellent heel/ arch support 
    - Boost blood circulation 
    - Keep your feet and ankles warm

2) 20 mmhg - 30 mmhg True Graduated Compression

3) L-Shaped Sleeves, Longer Upper Cuff For Secure Perfect Fit and Optimal Sizing


What Activities are Our Compression Foot Sleeves Perfect For?

- Running 
- Jogging 
- Walking 
- Soccer 
- Baseball 
- Football 
- Basketball 
- Cycling 
- Triathletes 
- Hiking 
- Field Sports 
- Stands long time at work (retail, nursing, travel, hospitality) 
- Traveling by plane /Long distance traveling 
- Wearing High Heel Shoes

Size Measuring Guide

Sizing is based on arch size (refer to size chart in image area) Click on the images and you will find size chart. Shoe sizes are for reference.



True graduated compression is a funneling like effect. It moves de-oxygenated blood from the lower legs back to the heart more quickly. It reduces the blood clot forming and boost better circulation!

Please refer to each product's size chart!