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ZAREUS Men's Compression Pants Running Tights Athletic Leggings- Dry Fit Workout Tight

$ 66.00 USD

  • Machine Wash
  • MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE COMPRESSION - A blend of 76% nylon and 24% spandex, our compression leggings for men offer moisture-wicking support for active lifestyles, such as daily gym fitness or outdoor hiking, or sports and athletics such as golf, jogging, marathons, soccer, yoga, baseball, and training. Firm compression enhances oxygen and circulation in the legs, lessening lactic acid buildup in muscles and allowing you perform at your peak! Perform Better, Reduce Muscle Fatigue, and Recover Faster!
  • MAXIMIZE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE - Zareus men's running pants help reducing muscle fatigue and soreness while doing exercise, running, hiking, squatting, lifting, bike riding & sports activity. By providing proper compressive care, our men's pants can help prevent overexertion, stress and tension across your entire leg muscle groups, including hip, thigh, shin and calf. The lightweight moisture wicking fabric ensures you produce less sweat and odors so you can stay confident !
  • SOFT, FLEXIBLE, QUICK DRY FABRIC WITH MESH FABRIC BEHIND KNEES - Supporting everything from your quads to your hamstrings to your calves, these form-fitting thermal tights baselayer reduce chaffing. Wear these athletic pants through your long, intense workouts without worrying about irritation on the insides of your thighs. Made with 4-way stretch fabric, these compression tights are highly absorbent and double as a rashguard, so you can keep your muscles warm while hiking, swimming or surfing.
  • COLD WEATHER GEAR - Wherever exercise or adventure takes you, be it the deep snows for snowboarding or an early morning climb up your favorite hiking trail, these thermal pants offer a bit of extra warmth with a base layer that fits under winter pants, running shorts, or outdoor gear. Our thermals for men will keep you dry in the snow, are ideal for cold weather sports, and feel great under ski or snowboard pants. These mens thermal underwear are also a comfortable solution for itchy long johns.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY AND STELLAR CUSTOMER SUPPORT -We do take pride in catering to our customers’ concerns the best way we can and you can always count on that. We make sure that you are happy with our products,. We send out customer support emails to follow-up on your order and assist you with your questions, comments, and suggestions. We also guarantee a less than 24-hour response time so you are guaranteed to be assisted quickly and efficiently! For sizing, refer to our sizing chart for details!

True graduated compression is a funneling like effect. It moves de-oxygenated blood from the lower legs back to the heart more quickly. It reduces the blood clot forming and boost better circulation!

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