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Keeping Up with The Sportswear Global Market

Written by Rikedom Sports


Posted on April 03 2017

Very rarely do we see celebrities and stars with less than appealing bodies: Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Blake Lively, the list goes on and on. People refuse to accept and tolerate the hackneyed phrase that looks don’t matter. Because honestly, looks do matter. So it’s no surprise to see ordinary yuppies, homemakers, or co-eds trying to make themselves visually appealing.

The health trade sticks with their claims that a regular workout routine is the fastest and safest way to rock those banging abs. Hence, ordinary folks feel the pressing need to sweat their flabs and love handles out. Aside from the obvious health benefits of working out, people are also getting hooked on working out because there are a lot of trendy sportswear out there.

These past few years, there has been a significant growth in sportswear sales. Growth of the market is pushed by rise in disposable revenue of customers, developments in the fabric technology & garment designs, recognition of compression wear among the senior populace, shift in people’s lifestyles, and a rise in demand for compression wear resulting from the health industry. Nonetheless, health problems such as blood clots, acid reflux, and breathing issues caused from constricting compression gears curbs the market growth. Product improvement and new marketing & advertising approaches are expected to deliver profitable business chances for the players in the future.

"China is expected to become one of the major growth contributors of Asia-Pacific market in the coming years. The ongoing investments by the Chinese government, for the development of sports infrastructure to encourage youth athletic participation would provide huge impetus to China's compression wear market. This is also attracting several foreign athletic wear companies into the Chinese market, thereby, further intensifying the market competition, and at the same time, driving the market growth. An expanding base of middle class population in China also creates huge probabilities for an increased spending on lifestyle and luxury goods.", says Bhawna Kohli, Manager Research at AMR.

The sportswear business has also seen a change in demand in the last half decade. Aside from style, customers are eyeing on higher fitness performance. Thus, the shelves are making way for the next generation of sports gear that monitor heart rate and track postures. Additionally, odor control and moisture-wicking fabrics and temperature control textiles.

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