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Leg Day Exercise to Strengthen Your Legs

Written by Rikedom Sports


Posted on February 12 2018

Your legs are more often than not, the most neglected part of your workout routine. Leg exercises are more complex than any other, so sometimes it is skipped altogether. Your leg muscles are one of the most overworked muscles in your body. Hence, it needs more than ordinary squats to keep it at its maximum.
Here are some exercise routines that you can utilize during your dreaded/loved Leg Day:

Barbell Back Squats

Starting position:
✓ Head over to the squat rack, positioning the bar on the rack just below shoulder level – with the bar positioned to balance between your traps.
✓ Focus on straightening your torso before using both arms to remove from the rack, powering through your legs.
a) Step away from the bar, position feet just shy of shoulder width apart – maintain a straight trunk, point feet slightly outwards and keep head up straight.
b) While maintaining a straight posture and head up straight, inhale and begin to bend the hips and knees to lower the bar until you reach a 90-degree angle.
c) Exhale and push through the floor with your heel and begin to straight the legs, raising the bar.
d) Return to starting position and immediately repeat.

Standing Calf Raise

a) Find yourself a step box, and grab weights that you can hold in each hand, whether this is a dumbbell or a plate. Point toes forward.
b) Stand on the box with the balls of your feet – with your heels slightly hanging off the edge and straighten your torso – keep knee’s slightly bent to prevent them locking.
c) Keeping the knee stationary throughout, exhale and begin to flex your calf muscles whilst extending your ankles high as possible.
d) Hold the contraction for a moment before returning to starting position and repeat.

Seated Leg Curl

a) Adjust the machine to your height, and use the back pad to support your back, and ensuring your sat upright – lower legs should sit on top of the lever.
b) Grip onto each handle and and ensure legs are straight out – your toes will be pointed out straight.
c) Exhale and begin to pull the lever towards your thighs – really push down through the hamstrings – hold the contraction for a moment.
d) Inhale and make sure to return back to the starting position slowly.

Front Barbell Squats

Starting position:
✓ Put the weight you desire on the barbell and position it match your height.
✓ Balance the bar across your deltoids by bringing your arms underneath and make sure to keep elbows high.
a) Begin to lift the bar by straightening your torso and powering through your legs – immediately step back from the bar and position feet slightly pointed out, shoulder width stance. Keep head up and straighten back to remain focused and maintain the balance.
b) Keeping a straight posture, inhale and begin to bend the knees to lower the barbell – stopping once you’ve reached a 90-degree angle.
c) Push down towards the achilles tendon as you would with a back squat, but make sure your form is correct, because it can quite easily go out the window when a back squat is commonly used. (Don’t let knees go past toes)
d) Exhale and raise the bar by using leg power to straight the legs, returning to starting position

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