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The Trending Figure-Flatterer that is Shapewear

Written by Rikedom Sports


Posted on April 21 2017


Let’s admit it: we sometimes turn green with envy whenever we see women with curvy and shapely figures all over social media. We tend to ask ourselves why we couldn’t fit in those super skinny jeans when we’ve been cutting down on sweets and carbs for the past three weeks.

Rather lucky for us, it’s not Maybelline and most of those women were not born with it. ;) Some took their time at the gym, while some sought the help of compression shapewear.

What are compression shapewear, you ask? These outfits are a kind of compression gear, which makes you look smaller and slimmer by pushing fat in and compressing your target area. These garments include underwear, compression leggings, and body suits.

Arguably, shapewear garments are a woman’s best bet in hiding bumps, muffin tops, and fat lumps that they did not want their dresses to show. However, let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we? Where does all the fat go? Well, fat can move into spaces where the muscles are compressed.


Aside from the obvious, though, is there more to compression shapewear than meets the eye?

As a matter of fact, there is indeed more. There is a string of benefits that go with wearing compression garments.

Apart from looking damn good and being “Instagrammable”, shapewear garments are the best to pair with a weight loss program. If you’ve been dieting for as long as you can remember, but still a few inches away from your goal, this is the best time to purchase your shapewear. If it’s only an inch or two that was keeping you away from your pair of fab skinny jeans, compression wear might just do the trick and help you get in the clothes you have always wanted.

It also helps you to ACTUALLY lose weight. Because these garments were designed to make the muscles perform more during a workout, it allows you to burn off 15% more calories. Not only does it make you look slimmer, it really does trim some inches off your waist.

Shapewear are also compression gears. Not only are they stylish and can make you feel like Scarlett Johansson in The Avengers, they are also functional. Tight compression leggings and body suits gives your legs and arms the much-needed support it needs, boosts circulation, and eliminates lactic build-up.

They’re also invisible underneath your clothes. No one has to know that you’re wearing them! Because of the advanced, micro fibre construction of the Lycra-based fabric that these garments are made from, they become sheer and virtually unnoticeable under regular clothing.


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