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What the World Thinks of Shapewear and Compression Wear

Written by Rikedom Sports


Posted on April 25 2017


Each lady wants the ideal hour glass figure particularly for specific events. Wearing and displaying certain styles, obliges one to have self-discipline with a specific end goal to look impeccable. Working out and eating healthy is one method for doing it. But not everyone has the same level of determination In any case, one could  be getting the perfect figure by wearing a shapewear.


Shapewear is an underwear, comprised of a material that is flexible and can stay rigid. The textures of shapewears are intended to nip and tuck the body for a consistent figure. It helps ladies reshape their bodies, smooth their lumps, and lift what hangs. With the expanding interest and improvement of new innovations, shapewear is getting even more better. Actually numerous ladies have made shapewear a staple with their ordinary wear. What's more, this has created an enormous request among customers for underwear that can likewise be utilized as shapewear.


There is an assortment of shapewears and compression gear accessible. And it has definitely taken the world by storm. These garments dominated the overall market in 2015, accounting for over 70% of the market revenue, due to the prevalent usage of several types of compression wear by professional athletes, and lifestyle users active in recreational exercises. Growth of this sector is also due to the vast health benefits offered by these garments, such as improved performance, body temperature maintenance, eased muscle fatigue, and injury prevention. A substantial rise in number of lifestyle users in emerging regions and increasing trend of using compression wear and shapewear as an athleisure wear, would contribute to the demand of these gears in upcoming years.


Bhawna Kohli, Manager Research at Allied Market Research, said,  “China is expected to become one of the major growth contributors of Asia-Pacific market in the coming years. The ongoing investments by the Chinese government, for the development of sports infrastructure to encourage youth athletic participation would provide huge impetus to China’s compression wear market. This is also attracting several foreign athletic wear companies into the Chinese market, thereby, further intensifying the market competition, and at the same time, driving the market growth. An expanding base of middle class population in China also creates huge probabilities for an increased spending on lifestyle and luxury goods.”

US accounted for the largest market share of around 87% in North American market. The style trends of shapewear are continuously changing in the US, with women being more inclined towards fashionable and stylish shapewears.

Chinese consumers are also becoming more willing to “invest not just in looking good on the surface, but also in buying higher quality, and especially imported, underwear”, according to Matthew Crabbe, Mintel’s director of research for Asia-Pacific.

In India, the compression wear/shaperwear market has experienced a transformational change in the course of recent years. There has been much advancement really taking shape of underwear, and the innovation has additionally impacted this. The developing number of working ladies, changing design drifts, the more noteworthy mindfulness about better fits, brands, hues, quality, styling, expanding per capita flexible cashflow, rising level of media introduction and the section of countless brands have given the business another feature.

In Asia, the largest consumers of shapewear used to be women in their late 40s to 60s. But lately, young women in their 20s and early 30s have joined in, adding to the growth in sales. Reports that stylists for Korean celebrities are putting their clients in shapewear have also boosted popularity. Since younger consumers look for higher quality shapewear that don’t have unwanted things like panty lines, insiders said the garments are becoming increasingly innovative, with more breathable fabrics and pads placed in ways that look deceptively real.

The market for male shapewear has also been growing rapidly in Korea. According to Neobody, Korea’s leading male shapewear brand, its yearly sales in 2014 reached 1.5 billion won, just a year after the company was founded.

According to Neobody, “middle-aged men with jelly bellies have been particularly interested in the brand’s singlet top that can shave inches off the stomach.”

In Australia, Equmen introduced men's shapewear in January and is sold in Saks Fifth Avenue and online. The product is created to appeal to males with means who might appreciate a product that could “improve their golf swing, as well as their chances of appearing younger and fitter in a European suit.”

"Using the latest high performance technologies and state-of-the-art designs, our garments are engineered to optimize and energize the body, from street to sport, work to weekend," says the company's mission statement.

British online retailer also launched a men's line this year and has reported higher than expected sales figures for men's shapewear. Initial buyers were mainly from the gay market but demand has spread to businessmen and sports figures, especially those who have no time or are struggling to exercise.

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