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Wool or Cotton?

Written by Rikedom Sports


Posted on March 08 2017

Merino Wool Socks vs. ordinary cotton socks: they look the same and serve almost the same purpose. But why do some people prefer the former over the latter? Here are the differences that separate the wool from the good 'ol socks that we have always known:


Cotton can be found almost everywhere. It is widely used in clothing items because it is readily available and is one of the cheapest. Cotton is natural and people are opting for natural products over synthetic ones to be more environmentally friendly. Cotton is comfortable. It’s breathable, versatile, and soft, all qualities that we like to have in clothing. Cotton can hold its shape and can stretch without warping also adding to the comfort level. Finally, cotton is low maintenance. It is a breeze to clean, durable, and technically ubiquitous. Cotton has many properties that make it suitable for apparel production. But is it also good in making socks?  One of its qualities is that it is absorbent and most companies market it like it is a good thing. If they were selling rags, absorbency would have been a good thing, but it is not when it comes to socks. Absorbent means that it would absorb almost everything—including sweat. It also hangs on to moisture which would make your feet uncomfortable and well, smelly. Damp places is the holy grail of odor-causing bacteria and your feet in wet socks are no exception. It could also lead to blisters when mixed with friction.

We already know why socks is not the best. Now, why wool?


Rikedom Sports’ Merino Wool Socks are made of 30% MERINO WOOL, 20% STRETCH NYLON, 35% BAMBOO RAYON, 10% SPANDEX. This blend allows for easier care so you can wash and dry them without them changing shape. Another great benefit of a wool blend is that they are definitely not itchy! Rikedom Sports makes quality compression socks in different patterns so you can match it with your outfit. Now what really sets them apart from other socks is that the wool is naturally moisture-wicking. The means that the fibers draw moisture away from your feet, unlike cotton that just absorbs sweat and let the moisture sit in. Wool also has natural anti-odor properties making the perfect compression socks.


All in all the sock you wear is your choice. If you have never worn wool socks before, I highly recommend that you try a pair of our Circular/Argyle/Zigzag 20 - 30 mmhg Merino Wool Graduated Compression Socks to see and feel the difference.

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